The New Eden

Aladdin Home Plans for 1916

1916 Aladdin — New Eden

This home, the New Eden, shows the result of careful planning before building – and it is surely gratifying to its many owners among Aladdin customers. On a ground space of 20x20 feet, this home gives more room, more comfort, more convenience than has ever before been obtained. Two stories, having two bed rooms upstairs, a hall, a living room, a dining room, a kitchen, an open stairway, a porch, and above all, an attractive looking house. It is so well liked by its many happy owners, that it is common for them to call it the “Wonder Home” on account of its low price, abundance of space, and its convenience.

Notice the features on the exterior. A broad belt across the front of the house divides first and second stories, giving a pleasing and harmonious effect. The half sheltered porch is a pleasant feature and is well built for strength, attractiveness and harmony. The full length column, fronted by pedestals, makes a comfortable porch. The diamond paned window to the left of the front door gives plenty of light to the stairway and adds attractiveness to the front of the house and porch. Living room and dining room are divided by a wide arch, making them practically one room. Both rooms are well lighted and of good size. Notice the double window in the dining room. Two men can erect and complete this house in exactly six days. It can be done by any two men who are willing to work, assisted by our complete instructions and illustrations.