The Massachusetts

Aladdin Home Plans for 1916

1916 Aladdin —  Massachusetts

Did you ever see a more beautiful picture of its kind than the one shown here? A mass of lights and shadows softening the greens, browns and grays of the foliage shingles and cobbles delights the eye. You can almost feel the touch of the sunbeams patterning the lawn, and you just want to stroll up the steps and into the inviting shade of the porch. Most effectively has the pure white that borders every outline been used to contrast the deep brown of the shingled upper story. The great nine-food chimney of cobble stones is so much a part of the whole that it seems to have always stood majestically there, and the timbers been formed about it.

Examining further we find a living room of expansive dimensions, thirty feet one way and sixteen feet the other, with timbered ceiling. Matching the size of the living room is a dining room twenty feet in depth and sixteen feet broad; large enough for a real banquet. The kitchen, pantry and grade entrance occupy the other rear half.

The second story illustrates four bed rooms, bath and closets.

The Massachusetts eaves project four feet, rather a Swiss idea, and are supported by well proportioned brackets. The porte cochere at the left is a highly appreciated convenience in these days of automobiles. It is surely a home of most striking individuality.