The Leota

Aladdin Home Plans for 1916

1916 Aladdin — Leota

“Craftsman” front door, casement windows grouped in pairs and side walls shingled are the particular ideas moulded into the Leota. Another new thought is the side entrance to the porch. The porch posts should be very heavy and built of concrete as well as the porch floor. The interior arrangement is well illustrated by the floor plans shown below. This little gem of a bungalow will match, in both material and construction, homes of many times its cost. Beautifully grained interior wood work, frosted brass hardware fittings and the finest stains and varnishes to be bought combine to give you a most interesting bungalow. Note the casement windows with divided lights and exposed rafter ends. When erected this bungalow is worth very nearly two thousand dollars, without the lot. You’ll like every feature of it. The Leota is built of the same materials and in identically the same way as the Aladdin house which was erected at the Panama-Pacific International Exposition, and which was awarded the highest prize by the International Jury of Awards. It is built of the same material and in identically the same way as the homes of the President and the other officers of the North American Construction Company. The same beautiful, clear and flawless lumber, high priced paints, stains, varnishes and hardware are furnished as in all Aladdin houses. While no cellar is shown under the Leota from which this picture is taken, you can of course have a full cellar, as in any other home.