The Hopeton

Aladdin House Plans for 1916

1916 Aladdin — Hopeton

This attractive house is a very popular design, and has found favor in all localities. It presents a composite and harmonious design, very attractive from the outside and exceptionally convenient interior. It is a square house, such as many people prefer, and interior is arranged very attractively. The special design double window in dining room, with upper sash of divided glass, makes dining room very light and attractive. Arch leads from living room to dining room, closet off bed room , and cellar stairs off kitchen. If desired, the dining room and living room will be supplied in one large 12x24 ft. room.

One particular feature of the Hopeton is that it is easily heated. A large number of this particular design have been erected in Northern countries where the thermometer usually falls to thirty or more below zero. One owner who heats his home with a hard coal burner used but three and one –half tons of hard coal for a sever winter of five months. Another owner, using the Aladdin Pipeless Furnace burned but six and a half tons in what he says was “the hardest winter I ever saw.”

Price No. 2 $585.00
Cash Discount, 5%
Net Price $555.75
This house would cost not less than $1,200 if built by a contractor, and is worth that amount in any part of the United States.