The Grant

Aladdin House Plans for 1916

1916 Aladdin —  Grant

Marked by individuality and a charm all its own, the Grant offers a type that has the advantage of three bed rooms. While it is of the story and a half design, it maintains excellent bungalow lines. The gable roof porch with grouped columns and built up rail is a notable divergence from the ordinary. The dormer windows nesting on the roof give light and air to the upper rooms. Double and triple windows afford the same advantages to living room and dining room. The Grant will give you a great big value for your money and will always be highly satisfying.

Here is another point: Aladdin Houses are always shipped by fast freight. Seven mills - four in the United States and three in Canada - save you money in shipping, no matter where you live. Your order is ready for shipping a short time after it is received. It is not necessary to hire carpenters to erect your home - you can do it yourself. Why not take a short vacation when your house arrives and put it up yourself? It is simple. Every piece is marked and numbered. Instructions, which are very clear and easily understood, tell you how to advance with the work. And think of the joy you would find in building it yourself! Think of the pride you would take in telling your friends that you erected it, and besides, think how much more you could save!

Many Aladdin owners, finding it impossible to do all the work themselves, hired day labor to start the erection of their homes and completed it in spare time, before and after work.

Save the dealer’s profits, the middleman’s profits and the builder’s profits - Aladdin guides you in the work, from the first nail to the last coat of varnish on the inside finish.

Why not plan on building your home - the Grant - during the year’s vacation?