The Georgia No. 2

Aladdin House Plans for 1916

1916 Aladdin —  Georgia #2

The Georgia presents a most unusual combination of true bungalow and two-story house. Excellent judgment by the designers gives it character and distinction. Observe the manner in which the exterior walls are divided by a belt, apparently cutting down the height, while the lower story is sided and the upper shingled. Timber brackets balance the overhanging roof, which is splendidly proportioned. The porch is unusual in shape and type, the longitudinal section being covered by a roof that partakes of the form and pitch of the main roof, but is relieved by the jutting gable covering that section of the porch floor projection away from the front door. Square tapering columns supported by pedestals and joined by a well designed railing complete the porch.

Note the paired casement windows which afford excellent light to the interior. The upper gable windows are given an interesting touch by the little bracket supported hoods. Living room, dining room, kitchen, grade cellar entrance, three bed rooms, bath and closets constitute a complete housekeeping establishment. And everything about this home gives a feeling of quality and refinement. One purchaser alone erected ten Georgias in 1915, an unusual tribute to its popularity.