The Forsyth

Aladdin House Plans for 1916

1916 Aladdin —  Florence

An interesting development of shingles! The Forsyth is extremely simple in outline, but this absence of embellishment makes possible so much house for so small a price. To fully appreciate the Forsyth you must take its exterior attractions into consideration with the large amount of floor space and interior advantages. The cosy sheltered porch is essentially delightful to it’s owners. A beautifully finished front door is bordered by two narrow windows giving excellent light to the entrance hall. Large windows balance the front of the house and make both the living room and the dining room cheery. The location of the two bed rooms, bath and kitchen have been carefully studied for convenience. The picture of the particular Forsyth which we show here has two chimneys, one at each end; that in the living room for an open fireplace and that on the opposite end for furnace or kitchen stove. Of course you appreciate that on a small catalog page it is impossible to fully illustrate or describe the Forsyth, but upon request we send you a more complete description together with detailed specifications and give you ALL the facts you will want to know about it. Refer to colored pictures in the rear of this book for an understanding of the beautiful interior finish and hardware fittings. They cannot be surpassed regardless of price.

This is the eleventh year of steady growth of the Aladdin Readi-Cut System of Construction. It has been approved by the United States Government and by the Michigan State Government in houses furnished them; it has received the Highest Award by the Panama-Pacific International Exposition and by the Michigan State Agricultural Society, and has thousands of everyday American citizens in every state in the Union.