The Florence

Aladdin House Plans for 1916

1916 Aladdin —  Florence

Pride of ownership! The very attitude of every member of the family in this picture denotes pleasure and satisfaction with their home: even to the extent of painting a small neat name, that all who pass may know. The Florence is quite extraordinary in the almost universal appeal it has on observers. It is as clean in outline as a Greek temple and surely as pleasant to look upon as any home could be. To the lover of simplicity the Florence has a strong attraction, its well balanced and commodious porch, finely proportioned roof and dormer window, wide front windows and shingled gables all being in perfect harmony. And the material from which the whole is moulded is all as perfect as can be taken out of the forest. The owner has no lingering memories of paint covered defects to spoil his pride of ownership. The siding, the trim, the shingles, and the porch work are entirely free from knots or other defects.

The interior will appeal to the housewife. It rather surprises you to learn that there are three fine bedrooms, giving a large family ample accommodations. Living room is centrally located, which is much desired by many families. The bathroom is well placed, while the kitchen is made more roomy by a light pantry. Well placed cellar stairs give access to the basement from the kitchen. Beautiful floors and woodwork distinguish all Aladdin houses and of course give the finished effect to the Florence as to all our other designs.