The Englewood

Aladdin House Plans for 1916

1916 Aladdin — Englewood

Here is a farm house for the busy farmer. It has exactly the features necessary for farm efficiency. Plenty of shelter for extra hands in busy seasons. Convenient in its arrangement and built for strength and durability, this design is one that you should consider seriously. Of the Aladdin Houses designed for farm purposes, the Englewood is one of the largest with very attractive features. First, notice the floor plans or room arrangement for first and second floors.

The busy parts of the house are roomy, light and easily reached when needed. The large kitchen, which the housewife appreciates, is connected with either milkhouse, pantry or basement stairs, any one of which is but a few steps away.

Next in importance, are the sleeping rooms, which are separated from the rest of the house. One bed room on the first floor with six bed rooms on second floor – each extra large and well lighted. In the two back bedrooms on the second floor it is possible to place two double beds. This feature is valuable on the large farm and no doubt appeals to you.
Notice the size of dining room. It will permit a dining table twelve feet long that will seat sixteen people at one time. And the living room – the gathering place for the few leisure hours on the farm - is easily shut off from the rest of the house by closing the sliding doors in the archway. This Aladdin pleases its owners and they are always loud in their praise of its many features. Write today and let us tell you more about this model farm home – THE ENGLEWOOD.