The Edison

Aladdin House Plans for 1916

1916 Aladdin — Edison

Before reading this description, what did you think of the Edison? Well, it has impressed others the same way – as being one of the prettiest little bungalows ever built. And every owner is more pleased with the Edison after it is completed. When the beautiful lines of this home are fully realized – then it is possible to see the broad and expansive porch sweeping across the entire front of the house, also the careful formation of the roof covering the porch. And did you notice the broad eaves with exposed rafters? This feature seems to belong to this home alone. And the diamond divided lights in the upper sash are in complete harmony with the balance of the beautiful home. Study the interior, the arrangement of rooms. Isn’t it ideal? The living room and dining room, divided by an archway are really one big room, but they still retain the convenience of two. Each sleeping room affords plenty of air. The bath room is well planned and is large enough for bath room fixtures with plenty of space to spare.

For design, convenience and price, don’t you think the Edison is the prettiest little bungalow you have seen? And when this bungalow is stained a dark brown and trimmed in pure white you have a most artistic and beautiful result.