The Duplex

Aladdin House Plans for 1916

1916 Aladdin — Duplex

The Aladdin two-family house. The Duplex is produced as the result of a large demand we have had fro a double house. The double house has some very attractive features. It enables its owner to live in one part and secure a good rental from the other – and his return is constantly much greater than if he had built two separate houses. Besides this, the double or two-apartment house is a necessity where ground space is costly and homes scarce. The Duplex design has none of the disagreeable features so common in two-apartment homes. Both first and second floors are complete homes in themselves with separate front and rear entrances. The floor plan gives one an idea of the convenience and comfort to be had for both occupants of the Duplex. Both floors contain living room, dining room, kitchen, two bed rooms, bath, pantry, front and rear porches. One Aladdin customer who has erected three Duplex apartment houses says the completed cost of each of his Aladdin buildings showed a net saving of $560 each.