The Dresden

Aladdin House Plans for 1916

1916 Aladdin — Dresden

The Dresden will appeal to you as being an ideal home. The picture, which was taken on a midsummer’s day, shows a number of features that are not found in the average home. Notice the porch – the shelter and relief it provides from the hot summer sun. Every inch of the one hundred and twenty square feet of floor space on this porch seems to hold a charm for the comfort seeker. And as much can be said of the inside of the home. Notice the picture, showing windows raised. It is possible to practically open up the home on four sides giving the utmost in ventilation, making all rooms light and airy, cool and pleasant.

Before reading further, look over the floor plan carefully. What do you think of it? Isn’t it just right for convenience – doesn’t it appeal to your ideas of “home?” Notice the long stretch – practically twenty-four feet – thru living room and dining room. The daylight rooms are arranged on one side of the home and possess every desired feature – plenty of light and air, spaciousness and ease in accessibility; adapted to any arrangement or setting of furniture. Plenty of space in the bed rooms with good closets in each, makes a home that will give you great satisfaction and much convenience. Your friends will agree with your judgment in selecting this home of homes – The Dresden. All of the pictures shown in the Aladdin catalog are from photographs sent us of actual Aladdin homes erected in different parts of the country by our customers. This is true of practically no other catalog. The photographs show what you can do with Aladdin’s Readi-Cut System of Construction and Aladdin’s Dollar-A-Knot lumber.