The Detroit

Aladdin House Plans for 1916

1916 Aladdin — Detroit

An enthusiastic owner of this attractive semi-bungalow wrote saying: “The more I see the Detroit and the longer we live in it the greater becomes our love for it. After a year, we cannot suggest how your architects could make it more attractive or your designers improve the arrangement. This I believe you will admit is exceptional because usually after giving a house that most sure test of actually living in it, you have some improvement or changes you would make. We have none.”

Who will not agree that actually living in a house is the best test? We believe though the longer you study the design and arrangement of the Detroit, the more fully you will realize why this owner has no improvements to suggest. Without being gaudy it is attractive, without being elaborate it is ample. No attempt has been made to embellish, yet you could not add anything without really destroying - in short the Detroit seems to stand complete - with nothing to add or leave off.

Notice how the porch extending the entire width of the house has been made not a seemingly attached part, but a real part by carrying over the main roof lines, while the double porch columns seem to give just the right stability for this style of construction. Artistic grouping of different style windows; open cornice, exposed rafters, straight line dormer, and an especially artistic porch rail construction seem to leave nothing to be desired.

In interior arrangement the Detroit is equally pleasing. The pleasant living room has opening off from it at the left the downstairs sleeping room for those who wish, or the den or library for those that desire only sleeping rooms on the second floor. The broad arch way gives easy access to the well lighted dining room. Notice the combination of kitchen exit, basement and grade entrance. Compact, convenient and protected. The well lighted kitchen with abundant wall space is especially pleasing to the housewife. Our attractive semi-open stairs lead to a central hall on second floor off from which open the sleeping rooms and bath. Notice the size of the bed rooms - each of which has a large clothes closet. After in your imagination you have inspected the interior with our beautifully grained knotless fir finish, and again studied the artistic exterior, we believe you will agree with the many delighted Detroit owners.