The Cumberland

Aladdin House Plans for 1916

1916 Aladdin — Cumberland

The Cumberland is an extremely sensible type of home of trim, clean, architectural lines and most satisfying interior arrangement. The roof lines flare at the eaves, holding the height of the roof down, while the dormer window breaks the front. The porch rail is surely effective and harmonizes nicely with the house itself. The reception hall appeals to many home-builders. This hall leads to the living room, to the kitchen and upstairs and to the grade cellar entrance. Not the least of the good things about this house will be found the beautifully grained woodwork throughout. Of course this is all clear lumber, free from all defects and can be given any finish desired. Note the large living room, large pantry and the four good bed rooms. And the Cumberland is spoken of as among the most desirable of our square type of house.

“Last fall I purchased the ‘Cumberland’ and now that it is completed I want to thank you for your treatment in the purchase of same, as you saved me a great deal. Your Dollar-A-Knot guarantee is surely true to name and I have one of the prettiest places in southern Michigan. Have had more than a dozen chances to sell.” – J. H. O’Neil.