The Colonial

Aladdin House Plans for 1916

1916 Aladdin — Colonial

This modern home with its distinctive features has a large number of admirers. The general appearance, both design and arrangement of detail, place it in a colonial architecture, while many original ideas are added. The windows with divided lights and simple dormers breaking the front roof, are purely of New England origin, often referred to as “severe, simple, and quiet.”

Credit is due to Southern designers for the semi-circle porch and front entrance detail; also the broad and heavy side porch. The interior expresses modern ideas.

The large size porch is an excellent summer season auxiliary to living room, as both run parallel, with entrance doors on either side of the fireplace. Library directly adjoins living room. Dining room and kitchen arranged on opposite side of house are separated by entrance hall and staircase. Four corner bed rooms on second floor are well ventilated and easily accessible to hallway and bathroom. This home is fascinating in appearance and has much of the sought-for distinction. Of course you will want to know a great many things about the Colonial, if this handsome home appeals to you, things that there is not enough space to tell about here. Upon request we will send complete detail specifications and go into all the interesting facts.