The Chester

Aladdin House Plans for 1916

1916 Aladdin — Chester
Aladdin Homes: 1916 Chester Plan

Brown shingles trimmed with white distinguish this little home from the ordinary looking cottages found in most communities. The Chester is a trim, neat, compact and pretty bungalow. Its five rooms are nicely arranged, its porch roomy and every room is well lighted. Not the spacious, airy living room that stretches the full width of the house and gives a view in both directions as well as in front. Arch separates dining room while two bed rooms and kitchen complete the home. You are privileged to choose any colors of paint and stain for shingles and trimming for the exterior, and you can have the most modern ideas worked out in your interior decorations with the wide variety of stains, varnishes and paints illustrated on our color cards. Most owners of the Chester write us about the pleasure they derived from erecting and completing it themselves. You can do this easily.
“The Aladdin house is a rich man’s house, but is in reach of every working man. I saved about $500 on my bungalow.” – L. L. Huyck.