The Charleston

Aladdin House Plans for 1916

1916 Aladdin — Charleston

There are many good points in the Charleston, a modern square-type design. The first noticeable feature is the deep bay windows in front, both stories, also on one side. These give free sight in all directions and ample light.

The interior arrangement is one for convenience. Front entrance is gained through a large reception hall with semi-open stairway and arched entrance to large living room. This feature has proven popular, as it can be used for one room and still retain the convenience to two.

The kitchen has proved attractive to busy housewives. A rear entrance leads to the back porch , while the grade entrance at the side leads to the outdoors and basement, saving many steps.

Four large bed rooms and bath are arranged on the second floor – plenty of light in all. All exterior walls of siding. Beautiful Colonial columns support porch roof and a three-quarter length glass door adds greatly to the appearance. The Charleston is a good, substantial, roomy home.