The Castle

Aladdin House Plans for 1916

1916 Aladdin — Castle

Where have you seen a home that was better adapted to a corner lot or a lot between streets than the Castle? Notice the living room and dining room. Both are located at the front of the house, and both are separated from the kitchen, with no inconvenience to the housewife. But now, notice the price. Have you ever heard of a like bargain? It is hard to realize that this home can be purchased at this low figure. Think of it, complete material at a price that would not ordinarily buy a three-room house at the local lumber dealers. In addition to your getting this home at one-half the usual cost, you get a better home.

The Aladdin Readi-Cut System of Home Building is better than the old saw-measure-fit-on-the-ground system because it accomplishes the work better, quicker, and cheaper. Every piece of material in the house – siding, flooring, studding, joists, rafters, etc., is cut to fit in our mills by the finest machines. The result is accuracy of joints and your house is stronger, warmer, and tighter than if built by ordinary cut-to-fit methods. Waste in material cannot occur. Every inch of lumber you pay for is actually in and a part of your house. You know the lumber that’s wasted costs just as much as the lumber that’s used. The average house built by the old way wastes 18 per cent of the lumber - $18 out of every $100 of your money is wasted – burned up for kindling wood.

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