The Carnation

Aladdin House Plans for 1916

1916 Aladdin — Carnation

The Homestead – to use a quaint old English term which is so full of meaning – is more than a mere shelter, “a place of permanent family abode.” It is a part of ourselves, an expression of our personal tastes and convictions, a place where children may grow and learn and play, where men and women find work and rest and happiness, and where old age may come with understanding, comfort and peace. This is the ideal toward which every American is looking and toward which Aladdin is working. Most people have the ideal, but lack the experience and knowledge to work it out. This modest little home with its restful simplicity has filled the hearts of a great many families. Back of its beauty and its convenience is the Aladdin Golden Rule Service which supplies to you the full knowledge and experience coming out of years of cooperation with many thousands of home-builders and their problems. Don’t you think it most reasonable to believe that this service will be almost invaluable to YOU? It seems hardly necessary to add a mention of the interesting double windows with divided lights, the most unusual treatment of columns at the entrance or the many good things about the interior arrangement. These become more and more apparent as you study the plans deeply. And the “goodness” of all the materials making up the whole give the owner the final touch of satisfaction. If you will ask for full detail descriptions and specifications of the Carnation, they will be gladly sent to you.