The Burbank

Aladdin House Plans for 1916

1916 Aladdin — Burbank

This picture tells a better story of Aladdin Golden Rule Service than anything that could be put into words. Our good friend stands on the porch, proud of the result of his industry, appreciative of the individuality and distinction of his home and enthusiastic in his praise of Aladdin materials and service.

In his choice of an Aladdin home, the extreme simplicity of outline of the Burbank appealed to him strongly and he saw the possibilities of shingled walls in a velvety brown, a soft green roof and an edging of pure white about the windows and eaves. The partial seclusion of the commodious porch with trailing vines took his fancy. But he is especially enthusiastic over the convenience of the rooms. Three fine bed rooms, a dining room of unusual proportions and an excellent living room, having grouped windows afford ample accommodations for a large family. The kitchen is lighted by two windows, has cellar stairs and outside entrance.

Beautifully finished woodwork and floors of the purest lumber complete a home to the last degree of satisfaction, and should you select the Burbank, or in fact any other Aladdin home, you can most certainly be assured of a result as splendid as is illustrated on this page. In further proof of this we will be glad to furnish you with the names of many Aladdin home owners who will vouch for their satisfaction, who will tell you of the money that they have saved and will even urge you to join the big Aladdin family.