The Brentwood

Aladdin House Plans for 1916

1916 Aladdin — Brentwood

This most charming dwelling has a host of admirers. Its individuality is apparent in many ways. The broken roof, second story balcony, hooded front entrance, semi-enclosed porch, pergola porte-cochere with French doors leading to dining room, casement windows in front and full attic, form a delightfully attractive whole. The house will be furnished with either siding, shingles, or stucco exterior. The bay window projects three feet and is ten feet wide. The pergola at the side is furnished with tin roof, giving protection against snow and rain. This pergola can be furnished with floor, giving a side veranda instead of porte-cochere. A most unusual and distinctive idea is the little balcony with double French doors from the upper sewing room.

Note the sleeping room leading from sitting or dressing room on second floor. This gives all the advantages of the sleeping porch, with none of its inconveniences. This sleeping room has four windows. Linen closet is arranged in hall, a very large closet from the sewing room, and each bed room has a closet. The hall, both first and second story, is commodious, while a stairway of pure Colonial type is furnished. Built-in buffet in dining room affords room for dishes, linen, and silver.

A Tennessee owner (name upon request) writes about his Brentwood: My Brentwood is the admiration of the town. It was ready for plastering two weeks after the first nail was driven. I saved about $700 with Aladdin’s help." Could you wish for greater assurance of your own satisfaction than from the pen of this owner?